Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally...a New Post

Well, finally, here I am with an update. Whew, so much has happened since March. I surely broke my New Years' resolution to post artwork more often. But here I am now. Let me start with a family update.
Here is a recent picture of Amanda.
We were out having fun at Johnny G’s for Girl Scout kick off to the new school year. She was so happy with her ticket “haul”! She is working on a SB layout from this day; I will post it when she finishes. She just loves her new GS troop; I am so thankful to the wonderful ladies and girls that invited her
in...she is a Senior GS this year...gosh I can not believe how quickly these last 9 years have passed.
I can still remember those "good ole" are a couple pics from the past.
Golly, where did the time go? Our daisy troop was learning to iron...haha, the skill did not stick with Amanda, I am very sad to say. But I still have my beautiful girl and she has lots of other great talents.
I do really need to organize my old photos and get scrapping on these. If you have not yet tried Studio J, you should. I plan to use Studio J to catch myself up...I did not think I would like digital scrapbooking, but with studio J, studio scrapbooking is easy, fast, economical and so fun!
If you would like more info about it, let me know.
Peachy heart hugs, Debbie

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