Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CTMH Banquet!

Sorry for the stop and start of these postings, and that I have the events all of out of order. You know us working Moms, we have to squeeze things in where and when we can. So this is a quick post. This is Casey with Mandy, my WONDERFUL roommate and this is me with Casey, my WONDERFUL upline. These were taken on Saturday night. As you can see, I was so excited to get to the banquet, I left an earring out of one ear, LOL. Have you ever done that?? Went all evening and never knew it...
And lastly, came the bittersweet goodbyes and business card exchanges.
So bittersweet...til next Anaheim California at Disnelyand, July 2011!!
Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

I'm Home Margaret!

It was wonderful to get home!
This is Amanda and Michael waiting for us to arrive. And this is me and my daughter, reuniting at the Shuttle Service location. Except for 2 Sunday mornings, we have been apart for 3 weeks - way to long!! (Due to my convention and her two weeks of bible camp -- no more back-to-back trips for either of us!)
And here is Mandy and Drew reuniting! That was the sweetest, "Mama" I ever heard, right before he ran right into her arms -- how sweet.
We had a wonderful time, but these two Mamas sure missed their babies.
This is me eating my last breakfast in DC. NO, that is not Oreo' don't eat Oreo's for breakfast.
More to come, since between Mandy and I we took HUNDREDS of photos and video!
Peachy Heart hugs, Debbie

Friday, July 23, 2010

More CTMH Convention 2010 News

This is the Gaylord Hotel in DC where we had our 2010 Convention, isn't it beautiful!
Here is the Hearts In Harmony team that attended convention this year. What a great bunch of creative gals!
And here is an indoor shot of the atrium across from the main lobby. How perfect is this?
I am excited to share more...stay tuned! Peachy Heart hugs, Debbie

It was like Christmas in July!

I received my Convention Bundles on Monday. WOW! I received 24 stamp sets, 3 of the new Paper Kits, both Level 1 and Level 2 kits, including the matching Stickease, the new Embellishments from the new Idea book, THREE new albums, Clear Cards, Circle Cards and lots of other great new stuff.
Let me tell you about my favorite…Jeanette unveiled another new “How to Book”, this one on Scrapbooking, entitled, “Magic”. I previewed artwork created by the sketches and techniques in this book while at convention. This book and the techniques in it are FABULOUS! In “Magic” you will learn how to create interactive pages, HOW COOL IS THAT!! The book comes with a CD containing downloadable templates. Come to my Open House and get a sneak peak or read my recent email entitled “Magic”, if you are one of my regular customers.
This new book will be available on 1 September when our Autumn/Winter Idea Book is released.
Happy scrapping! Peachy Heart hugs, Debbie
I'm back home, whew! Too much news to share, my brain is on overload. Washington, DC was absolutely incredible, from the fun of meeting and reuniting with CTMH sisters, to sight-seeing with Mandy, to Scattered Hearts and Hearts in Harmony Team events, to LOOKING FOR Sticky Boy, but not finding him, this year’s Close To My Heart Convention was Fabulous Fun. We heard about new products, enhanced programs, new incentive trip – CRUISE to Hawaii!! Yippie! I have so much to share and to top it off, our Convention in 2011 will be held at Disneyland! Can you believe it?? I have emailed bits of information each day since my return. If you would like to be added to my email distro list, to be sure you get all the news, please post a comment or email me. If you would like to learn more about the CTMH opportunity, I would LOVE to have you join my team. For information about joining my team, you can get some general information at my MYCTMH website ( or email me at First, let me get some easy things posted quickly…such as information about Anita Renfroe. Wow! This is our second time to have her entertain us at convention and she is so talented. Everyone laughed. It was fabulous!! I had spotted my current favorite performance, “The Wrinkly Ladies” on a YouTube link about two weeks before convention, and I LOVED it. I was thrilled that Anita performed it as her final song. Here it is for your enjoyment. Here is the link: She has lots of YouTubes. You will love them. I cannot wait to take my sisters and friends and have a girl trip to see her. Enjoy the clip! Peachy Heart hugs, Debbie

Saturday, July 3, 2010


This artwork is made using one of CTMH's newest paper kits, Zippidee. Don't they just "scream" summertime and county/state fairs and amuzement parks? I love these papers. I hope you do too. If you create a LO or card with them, share with me. I have a Zippidee stickesease for the first contributor who emails me a picture of their creation. Happy scrapping!
Enjoy your holiday weekend.
Peachy Heart hugs, Debbie

Independence Day Special from Debbie

It's only THREE days before I'll be leaving for convention! If you don’t know, I am SUPER Stoked! I cannot wait to share the news with you when I return. But in the meantime, since the release of our constant campaign for July has been delayed until after convention, I thought I would create one of my own for you…so here it is: It's our Nation's birthday--time to celebrate. Holidays are a time to bring loved ones together, and oh, the Kodak moments! So I hope you have a fun weekend planned with family and friends. I'm happy to offer you this red, white and blue sale in honor of Independence Day. All the items below are related to red, white, and blue or stars. Place an order via my website ~ ~ by ordering ANY (one or more) of the items below and receive a 10% discount on the entire order (excluding shipping and handling). The order must be placed via my website between today and July 10th. Discounts on orders via the website will not be registered at the time of sale. When I return from convention, I will compute the savings amount per product sales total and provide the purchaser a credit certificate to use on the next order with me. OR if you prefer to have the discount on this order, email me your order (by 10 p.m. on July 10th) and payment information and I will submit the order myself with the discount taken on this sale. The order I submit will go in on or about 13 July; payment for these orders must be received by me before the order will be submitted, and the discount will be taken immediately. Simply choose your item/items and process the order online via my website or if you prefer, email me with your order starting today through 10 p.m. on July 10th. (Need to see some of these items? Just go to the “Shop Online” link on my website and type in the item number.) X7109A Stardust Level 1 Kit $9.95 X7109B Stardust Level 2 Paper Pack $12.95 X7109C Stardust Stickease $4.95 X7122A Cherry O Level 1 Kit $9.95 X7122B Cherry O Level 2 Paper Packet $12.95 X7122C Cherry O Stickease $4.95 X7125A Zippidee Level 1 Kit $9.95 X7125B Zippidee Level 2 Paper Packet $12.95 X7125C Zippidee Stickease $4.95 X7122A Animal Cookies Level 1 Kit $9.95 X7122B Animal Cookies Level 2 Paper Packet $12.95 X7122C Animal Cookies Stickease $4.85 X7096A Blue Ribbon Level 1 Kit $9.95 X7096B Blue Ribbon Level 2 Paper Packet $12.95 X7096C Blue Ribbon Stickease $8.95 ************************************************************************************************* D1333 Wishing Star $22.95 B1354 Boom! $13.95 B1322 Believe in Your Dreams $13.95 D1403 Star Power $22.95 C1412 Freedom $18.95 A1107 A Twinkle $7.95 C1417 In the Month of July $18.95 D1382 Holiday Hoopla $22.95 D1299 Thoughtful Seasons $22.95 D1320 Shining Star $22.95 Z1209 Cranberry Ribbon Collection $7.95 Z1103 Cranberry Grosgrain Ribbon 20 yards $4.95 Z1126 Colonial White Ribbon Collection $7.95 Z1124 Heavenly blue Ribbon Collection $5.95 Z270 White Daisy Grosgrain Ribbon 20 yards $6.95 Z100 White Daisy Organdy Ribbon 25 yards $6.95 (5/8 inch wide) Z209 White Daisy Organdy Ribbon 25 yards $6.95 (3/8 inch wide) Z281 White Hemp $2.95 Z1086 Cranberry Waxy Flax $3.95 Z1081 Colonial White Waxy Flax $3.95 Z1247 Crystal Blue Waxy Flax $3.95 Z1300 White Daisy Blooms Variety Pack $5.95 Z1274 Colonial White Designer Brads $3.95 Z1276 Colonial White Mini-Medley Accents $4.95 Z1136 White Daisy Mini-Medley Accents $7.95 Z1312 Stars Dimensional Elements $3.25 Z659 Cranberry Embossing Powder $3.95 Z649 Heavenly Blue Embossing Powder $3.95 Z672 Red Embossing Powder $3.95 Z651 Star Spangled Blue Embossing Powder $3.95 Z673 White Daisy Embossing Powder $3.95 If you have questions about this offer, let me know by Sunday. If I can help you with a paper crafting project, please let me know. I hope you each enjoy a wonderful and safe fourth of July holiday. And thank you to all our servicemembers and their families for their military service and sacrafices. Peachy Heart hugs, Debbie

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Veranda Art...

Don't you just love this...this artwork was created by CTMH corporate artists. The papers used are for the "Veranda" paper kit. Very pretty papers and versatile too. I can share more artwork with these me, I will email you some additional artwork.
Happy scrapping!! Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As You Graduate...

I loved and still love this retired paper set, Simple Pleasures. This is a LO I did for an album entitled, All About Me. I started one to give to my son Brian and one for my daughter Amanda, which I started two years ago, and they are STILL works in progress. This LO is for my graduation. My challenge is that I have very few photographs, which is why the album completion is so slow going. If you have some graduations to create for, perhaps this LO will inspire you. To all the graduates out there, whether kindergarten, high school or college, "Congratulations" to each of you! I am very proud of you. I hope you have fun making your graduation creations! Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie
This is a layout I did a long time ago. It features a technique called "Shaving Cream". We did this technique at my club night a couple months did not have the effect we were going for that night. But here, I like the punch of color it adds to this LO. If you would like to learn the technique, let me know...I can send you the instructions or demo it for you. Happy scrapping! Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spring Harmony LO

This sweet layout I scraplifted from another consultant as it is beautiful!
I have another I did similarly but it was an adoption theme. I will try to locate it and post it tomorrow. I wish we still had this paper pack, Spring Harmony, it was so versatile. Happy scrapping. Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

Heavenly Cookies....Truly!

These cookies are just awesome! They are similar to those wonderful seven layer bars, but in cookie form. I love sweetened condensed milk in anything, well, so far I have not found anything made with it that I did not like!! So I think these cookies are amazing! And no, they really don't have any eggs in them. Give'em a try, you'll thank me! Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie Heavenly Cookies 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs 1/2 cup flour 2 tsp baking powder 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened 1 1/3 cups coconut 2 cups chocolate chips 1 cup nuts Combine all ingredients together and stir really well till thoroughly combined. Drop by spoonfuls on greased cookie sheets. Bake at 350° for 8-10 minutes.

Slideshow, Try Number Two

Here is attempt number two...hopefully much better.
Peachy heart hugs. Debbie

Attempting my first slide show

Peachy Heart hugs to all of you, Debbie

Monday, June 7, 2010

I earned my PH. D!

I feel PEACHY today because I have earned my PH. D from the Close To My Heart Training Academy! Wahoo! I learned so much, I can't wait to share the info with you guys, during workshops and club nights. So watch to hear me say, "I learned this in a Training Academy Course", and be the first to "call me on it" that night, and I will give you free shipping on your order for that class. Thanks for supporting me and my business. Peachy Heart hugs to all of you, Debbie

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Remembrance...

As we go into Memorial Day today, please pause to remember the families of people across our great country who have lost loved ones. So many great servicemen and servicewomen have fought to preserve our freedoms, allowing us the ability to work, live, worship and more, as we FREELY choose. Many fought then paid the ultimate price for these freedoms. Please remember them and their families today.
We are fortunate to have a craft that affords us the opportunity to not only deal with hard issues like sorrow and grief but also allows to create artwork to document, honor and remember. In this LO created by my dear friend, Ms Sara, honor and importance is given to remembering this young marine; one who did "give all".
In remembrance and gratitude, today, reflect on your freedoms bought for you by the service and sacrifice of so many.
Peachy Heart and grateful hugs, Debbie


This artwork was created by artists at CTMH corporate office. The papers used are from our new level 2 paper kit, "Passages". These papers have a very warm and wonderful old world feel to them, in my opinion. They are reflected specifically on pages 20 through 23 in our current Idea Book. (If you don't have a current Idea Book, you can see one online at my website, or you can contact me to obtain your own copy.) The Passages palette includes Barn Red, Brown Bag, Cocoa and Garden Green, fabulous for heritage, masculine, travel and outdoor photographs. I plan to use it on some photos I have not yet scrapped from the time we lived in Italy and went on a retreat with most of our church over a Thanksgiving weekend. I think these papers will complement those pictures nicely. Very simple and classic, perfect inspiration for those masculine card needs. Happy Card Making everyone! Peachy Heart hugs, Debbie

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Winner Is...

Well, I guess she must have got on my blog just after I posted, because I got a message from Geri about ten minutes after I posted my last message...I had not even logged out of the blog yet. So congratulations Geri! Geri selected "Connections", which is a very versatile stamp set and is great for Random Stamping. If you don't know what RS is, then ask me, it is a wonderful technique to have in your repertoire. Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

100th Post - Wahoo!!

The last post was number 100!! I did not realize it til after it posted...way cool! To honor this MOMENTOUS (hehe) occasion, be the first to email me that you read my 100th post, and you will win a D-stamp set, your choice. Good luck!
Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our New Summer Idea Book is Here Now!

Close to My Heart's newest Idea Book released on 1 May, yesterday, and it is chock full of wonderful artwork and products to inspire your Summer creativity!
There are four new My Reflections paper kits (Cherry-O, Splendor, Zippidee and Passages) and LOTS of new My Acrylix stamp sets, embellishments and alterable items to play with. Cherry-O is shown on the cover here -- screams SUMMER doesn't it!! On one May, visit my website and click on the "Products" link on the left side of the home page and you can browse the Idea Book online. Then select "Shop Online" to place your secure order and have your new goodies shipped directly to your home!
If you want your own hard copy, attend one of my RAFB classes, come to my May club meeting, my National Scrapbook Day Crop or contact me via email.
For more information on our product line, techniques or my calendar of events, email or call me.
And...tada, this is my 100th celebrate, check out my next post.
Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

STUDIO J....It's Here!!

I've been so excited about Studio J since I first saw it last fall at Casey's Team Meeting. It's going to change the way people do digital scrapbooking. I know all of you want to know when you can actually start playing with the program. Well, no more waiting, it is now live, as of 27 Apr. All you'll need to do is go to my website and you'll see a link on my myctmh website that will connect you to the Studio J program. **Or you can just click the link on the right side bar on my blog and it will take you right to the program. Once in it, you will be able to choose from some of our most beloved paper kits and even some Studio J exclusive papers, select from our designer layouts, add distressing and our exclusive embellishments, add our stickease stickers and much more. Once you have played with it a while, you will be addicted - so don't go blaming now...I am here to help you! Play with it to your heart's content -- it is all free! You can upload your pictures and create your layouts free of charge. Our software is not something we charge for like some other companies. When you have your LO exactly like you want it, you can purchase your layouts for an introductory price of only $12.95 for a two-page LO. Next best offer: Order five to nine LOs and get five free memory protectors Best option: Order 10 LOs and get 10 page protectors FREE and FREE SHIPPING. I am always watching for deals, especially FREE shipping, so I am sure you will be excited about this "best option" deal too. You can also use Studio J to create and tweak your LO til you have it perfect; then using your digital sample, create it traditionally and delete your test sample; all for FREE! I Have some samples, so ask me and I will show you them. I know that you'll be amazed at the quality of the printed layouts, the easy usability of Studio J and the creative aspects only Close To My Heart's Studio J can provide. Curious? Just click the link here on my blog, to the right, and try it out for yourself. Send me your comments. I think you will love it as much as I do!! Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

Monday, April 26, 2010

Studio J Launches Tomorrow!

Studio J is a free online scrapbooking software brought to you by Close To My Heart. Studio J helps you create two-page layouts using Jeanette's foundational scrapbook patterns and exclusive, versatile colors and themed papers. Your 12 x 12 custom creations are delivered to your door.
I will be sharing more information about Studio J over the coming weeks. But to start today with some initial information, you access the software via my website,
You will create an account at my website to use to access and save your information using the software. The software is easy to use and should not take long for you to have a good understanding of it. Once you know the navigation and tools, you will be able to make a double page layouts in 30 minutes or less.
You can order the completed LO as is or you can play with the layout and embellishments til you get your LO just right, and then go make the LO traditionally. "Practice" online first, til you get it right. Save supplies, time and no clean up! If I have picqued your curiosity, then give it a try tomorrow. Then let me know your thoughts about it.
Happy scapping!! Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

June Club Night Information

Do you know this young un? Know one similiar?
I used to be this kid...I would swing for hours. My kids inherited it...the ability to sit and swing for hours, even upside DOWN!
These papers will be the basis for our June product. They are called Caboodle. Don't you have some photograhps that would look great with these Caboodle papers?
Happy scrapping! Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

This is a birthday card I made for one of my sweet friends at church. She is a very creative gal and makes beautifullllll cards and gifts. Mine is not up to par with her abilities, but it conveys heartfelt wishes.
Happy Birthday Ellen! Enjoy your day with your parents. I hope you have a wonderful day today and a wonderful year! Love you.
I have given her the card, so it is safe to post. The picture is busy...should have just snapped the card itself. I have been trying to include the Stamp Set with each post so I can later remember what I used, (this is what old age will bring to you Ellen...needing reminders! Lot of good it did me, my aim cut off the label on the SS, silly me!)
The card was created with D1223, Fair Blossoms. I hope it inspires you all.
Peachy Heart Hugs, Debbie